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Infographics is a visual representation of information. Designers often use it to explain complex things in a simple way. For many years infographics could be found in magazines, brochures and other printed materials, but now it’s becoming a part of the digital world.

By infographics we mean maps, diagrams, schemes and other methods of data visualization. Actually, almost any combination of text and graphics could work well, and a successful infographics is the one that makes things clear and easy to understand.

If you think that your website could benefit from infographics, but you need some inspiration before you get started, here are some awesome examples of how infographics make websites more effective and user-friendy:

It takes time and efforts to create infographics that are not confusing, but well organized and informative. So we believe that the more sources of inspiration you have, the better. Here is one that I created, since we all use these terms on a daily use. Click on the graphic to see the enlarged version.

SLANG Through Three Decades
What people say on a Daily Basis!